Espree bags

About Us

Launched in 2001, Espree has become one of the country’s foremost jewellery companies, with over 500 retail stockists in the UK. It offers its customers outstanding ranges of silver and fashion jewellery complete with luxurious packaging and display stands for their stores. Boasting a collection of over 700 affordably-priced pieces, Espree describes its designs as timeless and elegant with a modern perspective. “Our classic jewellery can be worn year after year and with a contemporary touch, the unique designs are fresh and have a broad appeal”.


Espree has realised a gap in the market between high street and designer. “We all feel annoyed at paying out large amounts of money for a designer name and although the high street can produce jewellery at low prices, their quality is sometimes compromised. Espree wants to hit that middle spot by giving our customers high quality jewellery at fair prices. Our new collections are not based on short lived trends but are instead a collection of beautifully classic pieces.”


The brand's commercial potential has been recognised across the industry and the record number of new stockists it has taken on has been matched by the high number of repeat orders since the start of 2012. Espree believes that stockists benefit from the brand’s clear identity, exquisite packaging and from its flexible approach that allows retailers to fit the brand to their own store.


“We believe in constant progression but not at the cost of our quality. At Espree our team of designers are constantly striving to produce the highest standard of jewellery that make up our carefully refined collections. As a result, our stockists have a wide selection of only the finest pieces for their customers to admire and treasure.”